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Thread: Who loves the Dirty D... 1990 MK2 Golf TDI

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    Exclamation Who loves the Dirty D... 1990 MK2 Golf TDI

    I haven't posted much here in the last little while but thought I would share my other toy that I have been fixing up.

    Be as it may, this was a parts bin special. I had some stuff laying around and decided to jam it all together to make a not so nicely done but fun toy car / thrasher.

    here is a rough infographic as to what went down.

    The Story begins here... on the 10th of July 2015
    So I picked up this MK2 Diesel several months ago.

    The specs.
    - 3 Door, no sunroof.
    - 1.6 Litre Diesel manual
    - 240,000km on the body.
    - The body itself is pretty mint, but the paint is ****

    The existing motor is pretty well shot now.

    It looks as thou someone has rolled paint on the roof and bonnet at some point in its life.

    So the crux of this little fix up is

    Make her a bit tidier, faster etc.

    Low Milage 1.9TDI Engine from a 2003 Golf TDI
    5 Speed Transmission
    Quaife Limited Slip Differential.
    Wide track suspension with 5 Stud conversion
    Bigger brakes
    Coilovers etc

    Work starts tomorrow.

    Although today I did strip the gearbox down this afternoon and install the LSD so that worked out good.

    The engine bay as it is currently.

    Re shimmed and re assembled the transmission and did a few odd jobs on the donor engine today.

    1. Clocked around the turbo for Engine mount clearance.

    The turbo itself is very small but it will do for now.

    2. installed the rear engine mount to suit the MK2 Platform

    3. Deleted EGR and started eliminating some of the unneeded functions (anti shudder valve etc)

    Also yesterday I got my new Brake discs back from being Slotted

    The new 1.9TDI Unit Injector engine.

    Got my discs back from being Slotted also.

    Today after work the front came off & the engine, subframe and suspension all came out.

    That was that for the night.

    - Next job get the new suspension up and mounted and the body rolling again.
    - Strip out dash and ****ty factory wiring and begin the splicing and re-looming of the car.
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    Just a few little things after work today.

    Started to weed thru the Sticky cluster **** of Modern car loom, thankfully only about 1/10th of that will remain after I am done with it

    Also degreased the replacement subframes and sprayed over with some engine enamel for a quick tidy up.

    Stripped the brakes off and dropped them in a tub of Phosphoric acid so that they can be painted tomorrow.

    - Also ordered my Adjustable Coil-overs today
    - 22mm Master Cylinder.
    - New headlights.
    - New handbrake cables.
    [/quote][quote name="ranton" post="1554851" timestamp="1437130534"]
    After a night in the Acid bath - all the crap gone, bare metal... nice!

    On went caliper red.

    Spent a hour splitting out the various parts of the loom that I will need.
    [/quote][quote name="ranton" post="1555148" timestamp="1437218540"]
    Bit of Cleaning, and stripping down today.

    - Soaked the Engine bay with De-greaser and then pressure blasted to clean off 20+ Years of Grime and other ****.



    - Dash board out and factory looms stripped out, for re-routing and Splicing with the new looms

    - Installed the new pedal box for the Hydraulic clutch setup

    - Finished stripping off all the factory tape and hard plastic tubing.. heres the two looms to merge.

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    September 2015 Came around and more **** got done
    Bit more necessary but dumb **** today.

    Mounting the Electronic throttle to the Pedal box.

    The E-gas pedal and bracket to be.

    Where the pedal needs to end up.

    Bracket Mostly made and welded to the Pedal box.

    Calipers are all done in Retina burning red!

    Also started on making the Gearbox mount, when i say making I mean measured and cut the steel ready to draw and cut the template on to them.

    Well since my last post, I took some time off to focus on the finer things in life... aka i was busy doing other **** to spend any time on this little nugget.

    any who cracked back in to it the other day. this is the progression of progress since then...


    Assembled and installed the new sub frames, adjustable suspension, brakes etc to get the chassis rolling again...

    Test Fitted the newly painted wheels ta-da she rolls again (big whoop i know) now my hoist is free again.

    Proceeded to test fit the new heart to make sure everything clears as it should, and to help visualize where everything will live..

    sits in there nicely but unfortunately the engine cover will sit to proud to allow the bonnet to close, I CBF dropping the engine down (as the sump is low as fck any way)

    Few changes here and there, what to do with the Oil cooler, intercooler options water to air vs air to air etc...

    Have started merging the looms and tidying them up in a braided type cable conduit.

    The engine came back out again obviously too, far easier to work with it out.. plus the bay is getting painted this week.

    ECU will sit nicely in the Rain Tray here.

    Also powered up the ECU and ripped the standard mapping off the car and have now flashed a 140hp base map and will work on adding in things like Launch control etc with the tuning software later.

    Quite cool what you can edit out of these ECU's

    Few more annoying little jobs ahead but its really not all that far away from key turn.

    - Installing the Pre supply pump and wiring.
    - installing shifter mechanisim
    - fabricating downpipe
    - sorting out cooling system etc
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    December fast rolled around and progress had stalled in the mean time.

    - Engine is back in, starts and runs too... exhaust is too quiet... despite no mufflers... lol
    - Cable shifter mounted
    - Braking system (new lines)
    - Fuel Pre supply pump installed
    - Wiring (integration) of factory EDC15 Management complete
    - Interior carpets pulled out and cleaned thoroughly
    - Central Locking installed
    - 2.5 inch Downpipe and Straight pipe exhaust system made.
    - engine bay painted - cheers tyler.

    What was left to do…….
    - change cam-belt and waterpump
    - machine chamfer on to bottom pully to accessory belts can be install removed without having to lower the engine away from the chassis leg
    - install front mount intercooler
    - plumb up intercooler piping.
    - plumb up cooling system
    - bleed up brakes
    - make new hydraulic line for the clutch pedal.
    - setup coil-overs correctly.
    - re install dash etc.

    the body will stay rough for now. (famous last words)

    update time.

    final stages and probably the most annoying part plumbing up the Cooling system and the intercooler setup.

    Car is running driving pulling hella hard.. for a shoddy diesel

    runs really nicely i have to say

    engine bay is about done. just need to mount steering bottle, air filter and boost control valve

    got a refreshed look on the gauge faces drawn up. my tdi cluster went up in smoke first time i plugged it in. pissed me off as it cost me a bomb ex the UK Ebay.

    so have made new faces for the gauges to make the redline reflect the diesel style rev counter

    20th of December I started researching how to enable launch control….. I couldn’t figure it out so just got someone on a forum to do it for me lol
    Did a small modification yesterday ;D

    Click to see vid...

    edc15 launch control

    Full strip down commenced for the up and coming panel and paint glass out... doors off etc etc for a yet to be determined colour

    xo xo Wagengirl

    And on New Years eve eve this happened

    Well this happened on the 29th


    new colour to be revealed once its re assembled.
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    February 2016

    Mate of a mate did some pretty photos for me.

    Well she went pretty well at the Nightspeed drags on friday night.

    Consistently ran 15.5's all afternoon and night, got to the Quarters of the DYO Category, which was a heap of fun, got knocked out when she uncharacteristically pulled a 15.3 out of no where. so close to the Semi finals yet so far haha oh well..

    Quite a few of the Track staff had good comments and a little laugh about the car and the windscreen banner it was wearing.

    I recorded one of the qualifying runs for a laugh here it is

    Throw back to good old Gran Turismo music.

    After thrashing the absolute **** out of it at the Drag day I snapped the Turbo to downpipe studs off... so it was deemed necessary for the engine to come out again!
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    April it all came apart again...

    My mate gave me a hand to yank the engine back out this evening. 1 hour from start to finish wasn't too bad we thought.

    made a silly timelapse to go with it

    engine is back out to sort a few niggles and improve the downpipe design, and paint the engine bay to match the rest of the car now!

    also looking at a Turbo and injector upgrade kit that would hopefully net around 280hp when tuned, (double the current 140hp the car is running right now. fingers crossed my new contact comes thru)

    well i have ordered the Turbo and the injectors

    Will have to custom fabricate a new exhaust manifold and alter the layout of the engine bay slightly different intercooler, different exhaust layout

    today engine bay got painted again lol

    from silver to gloss black 2K

    Well finally a bit more traction this week or soon to be lack-thereof

    Turbo & Injectors and miscellaneous other parts arrived from Europe.

    I need to fabricate a log manifold for the new turbo to bolt up to.

    Will also need to send the clutch off to beef it up

    All new intercooler and pipework to be done also. Will change it to a much larger front mount instead of the side mounted setup I am currently using.

    Should be good.

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    Did another hour on the setup today

    Just stiching it all together bit by bit hoping it doesnt warp to much!

    Heres the new Garret VNT turbo on the left Vs the old one peice teeny tiny little KKK turblow on the right...

    Just need to make sure i get the new turbo positioned close to where the stock one sat so I can avoid having to make new oil return. (Yes im being a tight ass)

    Well the manifold is now all fully tig welded inside and out.. (where possible)

    and has had the die grinder in most of the ports smoothing the internal walls...hopefully it works out alright

    Clearance is tight between the engine mount and the actuator but it should be fine 5mm is stack of room.

    Will make all new brake lines this week and hopefully slam the engine back in for a test fit and all the new boost pipes to be run.

    Been slow going with work in the way as per usual. Turbo and manifold are all bolted up and support gusset made.

    Had to wait for new gaskets to arrive which now they have and a oil drainline needs to be plumbed up. All easy ****.

    New strengthened clutch from Autoclutch will handle up to 450hp. (I will be happy with 280 to 300hp)

    Injectors to get installed this week hopefully too.. if i actually get any free time fml...

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    June 2016 More progress.

    Just pictures for attention

    but the Support bracket for the bottom of the turbo to tie it to the Engine block and help the poor snail hang on from all the diesel torque.

    Also got the injectors installed, the manual makes it sound a whole lot more scary and complicated then it actually is... setting the backlash etc too was simple as ****.

    Also ordered a sizable intercooler (compared to the last one i used)

    All new brake lines tomorrow, and fingers crossed a engine test fit

    Everything else is all bolted back up to the engine no ready to be dropped in .
    Well engine went back in with ease. But soon discovered that the turbo actuator has about 1mm of clearance from the steering rack and rear engine mount hahaha

    Any who stoked that its mostly correct... and can easy remedy it but lifting the turbo higher by 15mm.

    It also looks like i need to get the compressor housing outlet port cut and re welded on a different angle... just so the intake tract can be simplified.

    Other then that minty fresh!!

    Ran all new brake lines front to rear and and installed a larger 23mm master cylinder. Looks like my old 22mm cylinder was funked...
    Well looks like there is enough room to orient the trubo upward so manifold has been modified and turbo clocked around to fit a little better (in some ways)

    Looks like it will be the go. Will do a final weldup this weekend and make a different mounting bracked for holding the turbo.. then hopefully then engine can then stay in more permanently

    Just need to shift it a little more towards the port side and it should have ample clearance of the clutch master....

    Well manifold Mk2 is complete...

    Now just trying to work out how to brace the ****er off the block... bit hard now its so far away from original position.

    Also started putting some heat sheilding around the place.



    Installed a external oil cooler too. The factory water type heat exchanger was messy and took up heaps of room from between the front of the engine and the radiator.

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    July 2016 – Progress stalled again around here, due to lots of other goings on in life

    Factory as bro!

    Mid July

    Finally got back on the tools for the first time in weeks. And still got **** all done lmao

    But mocked up intercooler/turbo inlet pipe... Then got the sections welded together to cut down on the amount of silicon joiners etc...

    Unfortunately the turbo inlet and outlet both point the same direction...and have to squeeze between the cambelt cover and drivers side strut tower and under the brake master cylinder

    After a little bit of pipe bending and swaging the ends it started looking better..

    I canned the idea of wrinkle black piping for now too and stripped that all back off... And scouring brushed the pipes back to bare ally

    Really hope to get this thing fired up soon and start tuning this...

    I miss driving the horrid little beast...

    Still to go...

    - mount fuel filter
    - run fuel lines
    - mount intercooler
    - clamp piping down
    - mount radiator
    - plumb up coolong system
    - find and mount suitable external oil cooler
    - plumb up oil cooler
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    Fast forward to Last week where the following all happened, this brings everything up to date.

    Well after a ****ty few months got back on the project yesterday, Making brackets, oil lines, coolers etc.

    Re Mounted the Fuel Filter so its out of the way

    Oil Cooler Mounted in place

    Map Sensor

    Made some room for inter-cooler piping

    Fuel Lines and Piping in place.

    Cooler Lines Shortened to correct length and installed

    It all fits pretty well just need to make some Air direction shrouding...

    Just need to make the radiator hoses fit nicely now....

    I know the pictures are looking the same and the changes looking minor but it is pulling together again.
    (after all this is for my record too...)

    Rangi'd up some Coolant pipes. (the clearance is tight between the filter and radiator....

    Hell even the Expansion bottle return was a little on the tight side... but it clears the intercooler pipe

    I tightened up all the intercooler pipes and got them sitting nice..

    The Pre-Intercooled charge air pipe runs super close to the tensioner like last time....

    Looking more complete

    Chucked the front grille on to make sure it didnt foul with any of the Coolers.

    Started making 2.5 inch down-pipe will try finish the downpipe during my lunch break today.

    Well good thing work was boring AF today, so i went and hid in the workshop for the last few hours and mocked up and Made the Turbo down pipe..

    bought a new flexi joint. as the one on the first iteration of the TDI engine had started to collapse.

    45 plus gst at Chase... a little steep but couldn't be bothered waiting a few days for a trade-me one to arrive.

    Hopefully the inside and outside welding of the triangle flange keep the stainless flange attatched to the steel pipe.. :-/

    The Downpipe itself doesn't look overly extravagant but its a tight space between the turbo and the drive shaft and to get the right bends to poke it thru the tunnel at a semi respectable angle.

    Trying to get all this **** done before my hoist sells on trade me....
    Its alive...
    Its a touch rauccaus....

    But its pretty quick judging by the use of quarter throttle and it surging its way to 100kmh in no time...

    I think ima need a muffler

    No driving videos yet bit of **** to tidy up yet...

    The Test map is apparently a 230hp @ 4200rpm tune for the ASZ engine, so will do datalogging soon and begin full map development with the 280-300hp goal in sight....

    I will try get my hands on a spare engine as well (just in case i bend the internals lol)

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