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Thread: Vacuum pump woes

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    Exclamation Vacuum pump woes

    Putting this here because it becomes an issue as the kms rise so I guess "future restorers" and those with engines of unclear provenance might get the most use from it. Hopefully turns up in searches easily enough.

    If you have a LuK vacuum pump P/n 06D145100- be very careful of the revision number when ordering the external seal:

    Pump. Seal.
    06D145100E. 06D145117 (note no revision number)
    06D145100anythingelse. 06D145117A

    The two seals are completely different sizes. NOREV is 53x2, while Rev A is 56x2.5. A lot of online sellers (eg Vagparts) only have the Rev A and list it as applicable to all EA113 engines &or all vacuum pump revisions. It isn't, and it took me a long time to find out (2 incorrect parts, from 2 different sources).

    Of course if I'd been sensible and checked ETKA properly first this wouldn't have happened but Nemigaparts' version is so painful to use coming from RealOEM for beemers I got lazy and paid the price (which was $80 worth of useless parts and 2 weeks downtime...)

    Don't do what ProfessorDon't did, eh?

    Vacuum pump woes-img_20220511_093614_hdr-jpg
    Lefty is correct, righty is No Good for my Rev E pump...

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    When my '09 Tiguan TSI 2.0 vacuum pump decided to leak like a sieve I went to CBC bearings to get a seal. It was chemical resistant stuff and a perfect fit that was gotten for $9. Oil leak fixed.
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    Yeah bearing shops are often the solution. Forester driveshaft bearings for example are $450+gst from Subaru but the exact same part from yer local nsk dealer is $89 ROFL.

    I also found some 53x2 NBR orings on eBay for $12 for a pack of 5, but looking at the vw original one it's probably a specific viton blend. Chem resistance might not be the deciding factor as it lives up top and NBR/viton in auto applications are usually selected for temperature range (eg -205C vs -250C).

    I'm sure most available orings would manage in this application, but I could afford to "trust the engineers" and not worry about it so I did.

    Plus I wrote the old one off removing it's hard flat disasterness with my oring pick so getting a match with the part to hand wasn't an option for me
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