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Thread: The V8 commodore replacement

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    The V8 commodore replacement

    The KIA Stinger its a V6 twin turbo but covers the same Ground in the same time extreamly fast
    and has a 7 year warranty
    Tested: the Korean car that wants to take on Holden Commodore V8 buyers

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    By all accounts an impressive vehicle, particularly given it's a first crack and the relatively benign history of Kia to date.

    I can't see it appealing to SS/XR8 buyers who will either keep rolling with their existing rides long term, or take the compromises inherent in the replacements - two doors and in the case of the Camaro, price (aiming for $90k with a mid-level spec). A lot of these buyers have probably bought the last of breed from the Australian factories, and a lot will have the cash to take their two-door V8 and use the SUV for passengers.

    For the four and six crowd however it is a game changer - your SV6/XR6 crowd, and potentially some of the 6/Liberty buyers who are keen on the performance. It's a reasonable looker, tough from some angles, a little odd from others but overall I don't mind it and it's nice to see they've brought the interior up to speed.

    Dare I say even that yellow car with a drop, the optional exhaust and some decent wheels would look pretty nice.

    And the 7 year warranty will be a good drawcard over the opposition as well.

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