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Thread: Wheel Repair

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    Wheel Repair

    I’ve got a ‘16 Roc with the 19” Cadiz wheels. Looking at getting them refurbished. Researching my options I called a VW parts department and they told me a new wheel is $2200 each! What!?������

    Anyway, thinking of letting Spot - on wheels repairs fix them up. They’re quoting me 300 bucks each, picked up and delivered here in Sydney (wheels are currently off the car). Now that I know what a new one costs, that doesn’t seem so bad.

    I’ve also just sent for quotes from CNC and Platinum.

    Before I take the plunge, any good or bad experiences from fellow Roccers?
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    There is a place at Gosford called Precision Wheels who does really top quality work, and considering the Cadiz wheels are machined, the average mobile place wont be able to replicate this finish.

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