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Thread: front splits - VW Scirocco

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    front splits - VW Scirocco

    Gday all,

    Ive noticed a recent issue with the Passenger Tweeter. Its popping pretty badly with mid level volume.

    Has anyone done a front speaker replace ? (im not looking for amp + speakers) just straight swap of some kind.

    Is there a site that shows all options for the Scirocco R 1S ?

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    Focal do a drop in replacement speaker upgrade (ISVW165) for the Mk6 Golf, and according to the link below, it will fit the Scirocco too.

    VW Scirocco | compact (2008-2017) | Focal Inside

    They are about $450 locally, but if you look on ebay you can save $100 or more buying them from the UK or Europe. I had these in my old Mk6 R and also recently fitted a set to my Mk7 GTI and they are a nice upgrade over stock.

    I guess the cheap option would be to get the part number off the offending tweeter and look for a replacement. You could also no doubt fit an aftermarket tweeter in that plastic housing if you wanted.
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