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Thread: MK3: ADZ to AMK to BWS(R36!)

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    Few more bits and pieces done. Wotbox has been a little bit of a hassle; doesnít want to work with the ECU. So not sure if Iíll be able to work around it not.

    Reassembled the front crossmember and bumper mounts, put in the power steering pump and wired up, radiator fan wired up, fixed a split injector o ring i found out about this morning when I started it.

    Fabricated front engine mount

    Electric power steering pump hiding away

    Terminated ends, switched power in the deutsch connector, that goes into the switch panel inside

    Passenger side bumper mount and backside of fuel cell

    Mismatched radiator hoses, but what was laying around!

    All together

    Annnnd, made these mirror deletes out of a sheet of carbon. Will be making a centre fascia/switch panel out of the same sheet.

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    Loving that subframe.

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