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Thread: Mk2 golf 8v upgrade to mr3 exhaust manifold and down pipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by sports racer View Post
    The standard MK2 manifold on Aussie cars is a joke, you could block the gas flow with a 20c piece. It looks like a decent size pipe but it tapers down to a pollution legal (strangle) size.

    Here's the dual pipes in my MK1.

    Attachment 48487

    The dual downpipe manifold from a MK3 is a great improvement. It depends on what mods you've done to the motor as to how much extra power you get but 5hp on a standard motor sounds right.
    How difficult is the swap? I'm assuming and hoping not the head off like in your pictures?!?

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    Head doesn't need to come off but makes it much easier to get to all the bolts.

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