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Thread: The MK2 DIY and FAQ Thread

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    The MK2 DIY and FAQ Thread

    Hello MK2 owner's.

    Have set this thread up as an accumulation point for all MK2 DIY's/FAQ's and other helpful information.

    If you have a thread/link you'd like to add, post them up in here and I'll add them to this top post.

    If you have any suggestions/idea's to the layout of this thread, please don't hesitate to PM me with your thoughts.
    Keep the chatting to a minimum please.

    External Links

    Vortex MK2 DIY/FAQ - Hundreds of MK2 related DIY/FAQ here.

    Golf GTI Guides UK - Common problems, cure's and maintanence. - Indepth wiring diagrams/ECU pin outs, factory codes, gearbox/engine info, ect.

    Bentley Manual Online - If you don't have the book already!

    The Uber Digifant Thread - Must read for Digi owners.

    The Uber CIS Thread - Another Must read for K-jet owners.

    Digifant Tuning/Maintanence - Guide for taking care of your Digifant car.

    VW CLub South Africa - Plenty of Mk2 DIY info by the VW Club of South Africa

    Brake Balancer Adjustment - Adjusting the brake bias.

    Headlight Switch Illumination - Upgrading/replacing/updating the headlight switch illumination light.

    MK2 Golf screen demister fix - For poor performing front windscreen demister.

    VWW Member Threads

    Aussie 3dr Golf Count!
    - By Stiggy_21

    K-jet info and testing - By 86gti

    DIY Battery Lead's - By Oneofthegreats

    MK2 Headlamp wiring upgrade (must do!!!) - Linked up by Velly

    Glovebox lock removal - Iniated by Domel (scroll down)

    DIY overkill short throw gear shift kit - By Stiggy

    AFM rejuvenation (for digi owners) - By ryana89

    Apologies for all the external links, hopfully more threads by forum members will appear over time.
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  5. Vr6 strut mount upgrade

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