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Thread: R.I.P Paul Walker - Fast & Furious'

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    R.I.P Paul Walker - Fast & Furious'

    A soul mate to us enthusiasts around the world have lost a great guy and actor. He was passionate about his cars and the movie Fast & Furious in which he took part in a few times. He was reportedly killed in a high speed car accident before bursting into flames.

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    He was driving a Porsche Carerra GT when it happened.
    Only need to watch the top gear review of it to see how sketchy that car can be to handle.

    Shame as he sounded like a very down to earth kind of guy and i did enjoy watching the F&F series even if it wasn't oscar winning film.

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    Seems ironic the movies he made famous would have dragged hundreds of teens to there deaths by idolising street racing ........and thats how he died not saying its entirely his fault however he did play a large part in making street racing a popular sport ...RIP

    Raced all the way to the Pearly Gates and went out with a Bang , Fast and Furiously he truly lived up to his on screen image right till the end ......... R I P ....... Paul Walker
    "Dont drive Faster than your guardian angel can fly "

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    He wasn't the driver.

    And I understand he and the car were draws at a charity event to raise funds for the hurricane victims in the Philippines.

    I was reading another forum and an ex Carrera GT owner mentioned some alleged facts that does seem worrying.

    Porsche had initially planned on making 1500 of these cars. They stopped after about 700. They claim it was due to seatbelt laws in the US.

    Many owners have complained how twitchy the car is, even at low speeds.

    Might explain why the 918 successor is now hybrid and 4WD.


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