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Thread: Who has been here a long time?

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    Talking Who has been here a long time?

    I used to be very heavily involved in the forum back with my Mk3 Golf and later my TSI APR Amarok but moved away from VW. Technically i still own a V6 Amarok HighLine but haven't driven a VW regularly for a few years now.

    I never really imagined I'd had the car journey I've had but never really enjoyed myself as much as when I had the 2.0 Slow and would go on watercooled events with the guys, including an unfortunate drive when a newly restored Mk2 ended up on it's roof out the back of Mt tamborine.

    Anyways shoutout to any of the old crew and to anyone who is struggling with a ****ty VW trying to get money for mods/fuel and rego trust me it gets better. Life is short. Too short for boring and crappy cars.

    Peace Luke

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    Been here for ages. Great place to store any progress with my cars so I can easily find what I did and when.

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    Been here since about 2011 when I bought my first VW a B7 Passat Highline wagon
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    Amazing how many times I find links to old threads of me having done something to an old car while using google. Or even just links back to this place in general to find someone has posted a write up of something I want to do

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    Still a few of us around!
    Lost count on how many VW Group vehicles I have owned. But my very first was a 2002 MK4 Golf GTI.
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    hmm......... "whose been here a long time" is entirely the wrong question (IMO, of course).

    With absolutely no offense to forum members who registered with the forum in the 20th Century - being a long-time member and not doing anything is ........well, not noteworthy.

    So, the more profound question is: Who has contributed the most to the forum community - meaning the highest post-count

    Of course the answer is @Transporter with a massive and very impressive 9,700 posts - Respect!!!

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    Please don't PM to ask questions about coding, or vehicle repairs. The better place to deal with these matters is on-line, in the forum proper. That way you get the benefit of the expertise of the wider forum! Thank you.

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    I joined back in 2007 when I got a Touareg 7L. Had joined a Touareg forum that was US based and was recommended by someone on this forum to join here.
    Glad I did as I also had a Polo GTI in the garage, so it was great to communicate local issues.

    I have since moved to another Touareg and now into a couple of Audis, but have had a Volkswagen sitting next to them the whole time.

    Not really big into the post count as I'll post mostly stuff of value to our community instead of waffle.
    Flipper Dog
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    I've been a member since 2012 with a shamefully low post count!

    I've been coming here a bit lately though, trawling for hidden information. I recently bought a 2010 Passat R36 Wagon.

    I've had a few VAG cars since my 2008 GTI, purchased in 2012, sold in 2016.
    Then a 2008 Mk2 Octavia RS Wagon - Yellow Manual, the best. I didnt own this long enough.
    Then bought the current family whip a 2011 Mk2.5 DSG Octavia RS Wagon.
    2022 saw me buy a Blue 2008 Golf R32 in manual which I am very happy to have owned, then recently moved on to the R36 hen the opportunity came up, R32 is gone.
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    Also, from around 2012, but I have been posting more now that I know more

    The whole family have VWs, so it was handy to keep up to date with all the info all these years.
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