Hi all,

New to the forum as I have moved back to Perth after several years working in the UK (which was an awesome place for a car guy).

While there, I was working on car projects in my home garage, but as space started running out for work areas, donor car storage etc, I started looking around for workshop space I could rent but couldn’t find anything reasonable for my purposes (i.e. too big and expensive).

As there is a big car scene there, I thought there must be other people in a similar situation, so I took the plunge and leased a much larger workshop than I needed with the view that I would rent out the rest of the space to others in the same predicament. It ended up I was right. Space was snapped up pretty quickly and the workshop become a hub for a small community that formed around it.

Anyhow, I am looking to do the same here in Perth so am initially reaching out to some of the ‘better’ 😉 car forums to see if there is any interest?

I am actually looking to buy a decent sized unit, probably in Wangara or Malaga, but wanted to gauge level of interest or whether this is even a viable proposition in Perth before I determine what size I go for. I am also keen to hear about any related ideas on how the space might be used to support the local car community. I am considering things like car storage and making available specialist, but not easily accessed equipment like cnc mill, 3d scanner, composites facility, dyno etc, or even just a hub for car club meets.

We shared a lot of equipment in the UK workshop like 2 post lifts, MIG/TIG welders, tube bender and other specialist kit that was useful to have, but expensive if you weren’t using it frequently.

I would also be happy to talk to anybody looking for an entry point to start-up a car fab or customisation business on the side as my workshop in the UK also served as an ‘incubator’ by providing a a low-cost solution to get started in a supportive community that helped each other out.

Just throwing it out there to see if there is merit back here in Perth. Keen to hear what the forum thinks or hear any further ideas that may be offered about how such a facility could be used?

I have budget, just looking for the best way to deploy it to build my ultimate man cave here in Perth 😊