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Thread: Mechanic Recommendation - Melbourne

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    Mechanic Recommendation - Melbourne

    2009 Passat CC 2.0 TDI (CBBB engine)

    Recently changed the oil and filters myself (have done many times and on the other family vehicles as well) on my diesel Passat CC.

    I have an engine oil leak (definitely not diesel) - not a weep, a decent leak (c. 50-100mL per km); occurs during and after running - once engine stops the rate drops and then stops. No warning lights or codes, no noises, no smells, no engine temperature event. The oil has obviously dropped onto the engine plastic undershield and then dribbles out. Trail of drops on driveway and road. Monitored oil level closely so okay, but not something you can live with. Has been two days now and the oil sump plug and filter look fine (sump plug was torqued to 22 ft/lbs, and the oil filter housing to 18.5 ft/lbs as per spec).

    The engine was nice and clean, and running my hand around the oil filter housing indicates no oil coming from there (housing is dry). A torch indicates an oily area below the oil filter and that makes me possibly think oil cooler perhaps? Just over two years ago the oil cooler gaskets were replaced by Volkspower in Burwood after a similar leak, luckily noticed after a long trip.

    I'm busy at the moment, and really don't have the detailed knowledge and time to start pulling things apart unless I am almost certain what the problems is - oil cooler, sump/sump gasket, etc.?

    There was no leak at all and now there is - a decent one??? Nothing unusual done that I'm aware of - jacked-up vehicle at the passenger side jacking point (reinforced sill) with the vehicle jack, and then put two hardwood timber blocks under the front passenger tyre (and then an axle stand at the jacking sill for safety) - I crawled a bit underneath, got the undershield off, removed the oil plug and then changed the oil filter, etc. Could having it propped up at one side only possibly caused something to move out of alignment?

    Are there typical spots where these TDI engines leak?

    I live in inner Melbourne, so can anyone recommend a decent mechanic (don't want to go to a stealer - bad memories, and I'm on a tight budget) within say 20km of the CBD? I could go back to Volkspower in Burwood, but just wondered if someone had any other recommendations/ideas?

    Would really appreciate any help.
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