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Thread: Tyre size, 235/35/19 Vs 245/35/19

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    Tyre size, 235/35/19 Vs 245/35/19

    Has anybody swapped/changed their original 235/35/19, for 245s.
    From what ive seen or read, the 245s can be found cheaper, and would also help correct the 4% over speedo error I have with the original 235s. Also, does anyone know if and what the insurance implications may be if any ?
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    Hi jacs,
    im also considering doing this on my mk7.5 golf R.

    Surely someone has done this with the stock wheels? Gone from 235 to 245 on 8inch rim, any feed back would be most appreciated.

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    not quite the exact profile - but many Superb owners have gone up from the stock 235/40R19 tires to 245/40R19 tyres.
    the Superb has 8Jx19 rims.

    as u said, more readily available, cheaper, and taller sidewall makes for a more comfortable and quieter ride. speedo is also better matched.

    i change my tyres in June. very happy with the benefits.
    pic for reference.

    Tyre size, 235/35/19 Vs 245/35/19-pxl_20210913_030658930~2-jpg
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