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Hi Folks,
Ok time to resurrect this old thread.

My 2019 R Wagon has just done 32,000 klm and was due for the three year 45,000 klm scheduled service.

I called the dealer and they only said they rotate the tires if you ask or if the mechanic recommends it, which he did. And he advised the tires are soon due for replacement and provided two different quotes for tires too.

They charge $45 to rotate the tires only, which is not reasonable as that excludes balancing. And it is not included under capped priced servicing.

I intend to
rotate the tires myself, but with the Contis or any directional tire do you just rotate Front to Back keeping that side or cross rotate?

Cheers Al
do it urself or goto a tyre shop . it should be less depending on where u go