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Thread: Scrub Radius on a 2018 tiguan

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    Scrub Radius on a 2018 tiguan

    For years i have changed wheels and never think i ever really thought or heard about Scrub radius.

    So Im looking at my new rims and Ive decided to go 9.5. But Im stuck on the offset. Luckily i can choose the offset on the rims im getting.

    If I do 30, that makes the most sense to me. The inside of tyre moves minimal towards the strut. But, according to a wheel calculator i have been using, it has a positive scrub radius change of about 8mm. If i do 35 it move the wheel about 10mm towards strut but only changes the scrub radius by about 3mm. We were going to compromise and do 32.

    Is this wheel scrub variation of +8mm (or 3mm on the 35 offset) really something to be really concerned about on a 4motion. Like i said i dont think i ever knew about it before. But I admit my cars have always been RWD.

    This is the current wheel to strut.
    Scrub Radius on a 2018 tiguan-tyre-strut-jpg
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    The factory Wolfsburg rims are pretty nice.
    I’ve seen suby’s with half that space and didn’t cause any issues. The other thing is actual width of tyres for the same size varies lot. I went through 3 different tyres (in same size) to find ones which didn’t rub on the strut body once.

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