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    Hold on....are we saying Kinforest are not a good tyre

    While I cant justify the cost vs performance ratio of the top performance tyres (eg Michelin Pilot 4 etc) I always get a well known brand and always choose the tyre based on reviews such as the tests. These tyres do 85-90% of the performance of the top brands at around half the cost, and lets be honest, when driving around the city and suburbs all day, you are likely to never know the difference.

    Here is a new test with a whole bunch of tyres, from no-name cheapies, through to the top tiers. And tested in a somewhat relevant car for this forum.

    Im currently running the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3's on my GTI and have had the Falken Azensis FK510 on my previous car. Very happy with both tyres for their price, but obviously there are better tyres out there. Interestingly the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport is performing really well.

    The BEST Performance Tires for your Car in 2021 - Tested and Rated - YouTube

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    I just wanted to share my experience with Chinese tires. I've ran the top tires from the top brands like Conti DSW, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3, Bridgestone Potenza re980as to name a few.
    First off, it doesn't matter who the manufacturer is - ALL tires are a tradeoff, meaning if you want to get 80k km out a set, than you can't expect it to have racing slick performance at the same time, vice versa, and so on.
    Simply put, there is not a manufacturer so far, that can offer everything at the same time. It just doesn't exist, or we would all be using the exact same tire. Firestone tires literally killed hundreds of people in the 90's but people either forget or aren't aware. Fast forward to today, and Chinese tires are being labelled as trash or junk, and early on, probably a fair label, but things have changed. In reality they are "budget" tires, so to expect that a $100 tire is going to offer the same benefits and performance as a $250 tire is a bit naive. I have been buying Chinese tires for about 4-5 years, for myself as well as the wife's car, and have been surprised have well they perform, and how long they last for the price. The Bridgestone re80s were the best tires in the rain I have ever had, but they didn't last long, and were pretty noisy. Is it worth it for me to go with the Sailun Inspire, get a bit less wet traction, but have a long wearing, comfortable tire for almost half the price? Yes, but that's me, you've gotta figure out what you want yourself, and there are good alternatives nowadays.

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    I am now on goodyear assy 5s (all around the car) as the assy 3s received very poor reviews... Actually couldnt get Kf550 at the time as they were out of stock so i went for the assy5s for a few hundred more $ for 4x.

    There is a 'Feel' difference between the assy 5's and kf550... the kf550 being a little bit squishy on the sidewall but all in all pretty good tyre for the 30,000 - 40,000km's i used them ... they werent as 'nice' or 'firm / sporty' to ride on for the first few thousand KM like the goodyears are when fresh but does not reduce the driving 'experience' by much and felt like they performed well in spirited driving and wet conditions too... DISCLAIMER ' i do not recommended spirited driving in wet conditions '.

    As for all you internet dads , internet officers , vw master techs & rubber afficionados on this thread..

    My car is still alive and so am I.

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