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Yes, Powerlink was the clincher for me along with the low torque Stg1 tune available. Still on the stock clutch, so will run with that until I upgrade. That may be a while away as the stock clutch is still holding up well.

Modifying multiple cars at the same time, means less $$$ per car available, so I have to ration what each gets LOL I really need to finish some off completely. Every time I get close I found something else to add .... at this point in time I have parts incoming for 5 of the 6
Yep I hear you - same here with my 2x cars. I like to tinker with both but paying off the house (boring but sensible) is the priority so there isn't a huge amount of $$ for tinkering. Not quite as many cars as you though....one day perhaps.

And yes, the availability of various versions of stage 1 and stage 2 tunes is very handy. After loading on my stage 2 hi torque for example I was getting lots of wheelspin (FWD life....even with the PP diff) so I ended up loading on the stage 2 low torque which is still quick but hasn't got quite as much torque in the mid-range so its much kinder on the tyres - and too be honest its probably faster overall due to less wheelspin.

Will be interesting to see how your stock clutch goes with the tune as that is certainly a weak point on the manuals. But in saying that, when I had my Mk6 GTI and Mk6 R both manuals and both tuned (GTI stage 2 and R stage 2+), I never had any issues.