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Thread: Playing with an Audi SQ5 TDI

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    Hi Lucas, I see that the intercooler upgrade is pretty popular amongst BiTDI owners but I was just wondering what the benefits of the larger intercooler is? Do you notice any difference in driving?

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    Intercooler looks great. Looking forward to hearing about differences also!

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    Playing with an Audi SQ5 TDI

    Another 6 monthly oil change on the SQ5 this past weekend @ 98,000km. Used my oil extractor to suck out the old oil which is super handy and speeds things up as the underbelly pan on this car has about 40 bolts holding it on - you just need to make sure the oil is hot before you try to use the oil extractor. This engine holds approx 6.4L and my oil extractor is 6.5L and it was absolutely chock-a-block full. I did however notice that one of my injector seals is starting to leak so ill order a full injector seal kit and replace all 6 over the next month or two. Later this year the car is going to get a transmission service for the ZF8 speed as well as the diff oils changed etc.

    I also recently replaced my catch can as my trusty Flashlube Catch Can Pro has been leaking for the past 12 months or so and I was sick of cleaning it every few weeks. After some research and the fact that I do not have much room in the engine bay, I decided to replace it with the Process West SEPR8R catch can which is made from aluminium and should be more durable than the plastic catch cans. Apparently the filter media in the Flashlube/Mann catch cans are better quality, but the mesh filter in the Process West unit it very fine and looks to be of good quality, and its also washable and reusable so that will save on having to buy a $80-100 filter every few years.

    Also fitted my new AFE air filter.

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    nice work mate, looks like you've done a good job as always...

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    Yes, nice work. I got that catch can kit for our Triton since day one. Chose it over the rest.
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