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Thread: ARE YOU NEW TO THE DIESEL FORUM? Check here before you post a new thread.

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    Thumbs up ARE YOU NEW TO THE DIESEL FORUM? Check here before you post a new thread.


    The VWWCA forum diesel section contains a lot of information. Its also an area of VWWCA that has grown rapidly in recent years, and even in recent months due to the increasing popularity of the new VW diesel models.

    The chances are, if you're a new VW diesel owner and you have a specific question, that it may already have been discussed - so, to help you on your way, have a look at -

    - which contains an index of useful, popular and informative threads. Also be sure to check out the -

    - that contains a lot more generally useful information. A quick look can answer many a basic question or query, and is much faster than waiting for a response! Finally, remember to use the forum search tool.

    If you are really new to VW diesels, heres a glossary to help you towards understanding the forums better:

    • DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter - similar to a catalytic converter in concept, and fitted to some Mk5 and all Mk6 diesel golfs, and most other TDI models
    • EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation - active TDI emission control system
    • EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature
    • DP - Down Pipe or Dump Pipe, exhaust conncetion immediately after the turbocharger
    • IC - intercooler or charge air cooler
    • TIP - Turbocharger Intake Pipe
    • TDI - Turbocharged, Direct Injection
    • CR - Common Rail (injection)
    • PD - Unit Injector (Pump Duse)
    • IDI - Indirect injection
    • MAF - Mass Air Flow(meter) - air mass flow sensor for newer (>1996) TDI engines
    • ECU - Electronic Control Unit
    • EDC- Electronic Diesel Control

    We hope you find all the help and advise you are looking for, and look forward to your contribution to our community!

    Mod Team
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