Car is running fine with good power output, the vibration in engine at low RPM has gone, engine sounds a bit more rattly on cold start up though. RPM seems slightly higher between 7-8 where as previously it was between 6-7.
No EML or other lights. Have done a good 40 minutes mixed driving.

Have fitted the Provent I had lying around as well, so more soot but less oil going in, need to get silicone tubing for it. Currently using Greg Roles idea of hose pipe from last when I was going to put it in.
Parts that I used were
Intake manifold gasket 03G-129-717-C
Gasket between Intake manifold and EGR 03G131547C
Gasket between EGR and Exhaust return pipe 069131547D
O ring seal b/w Anti shudder and EGRN90978701
Here is hoping I get to at least 250K with this car