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Thread: 103kW/125kw TDI PD Piezo Siemens injector failure thread

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    Hey dude , I'm having exactly the same issue. I have tested my injectors in my Audi BMN and they are fine. Looking into Sensors that cheat engine of its oxygen reading. There are 4 that can cause issues. If you replaced 4 injectors and wiring loom , you should be clear of that issue. And if the VW did the recall repair its still under warranty.

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    I have a GT Sport TDI with 140kms that was loosing a cylinder when warmed up so had Transporter diagnose it and he found there was diesel in the sump indicating an injector leak and also found an electric fault in cylinder 3.

    Took it to a VW dealer, they said the injectors were replaced in 2014 and then had a look. They concluded that someone had tampered with the wiring harness (A plastic bit had broken off the #3 cylinder), so I had to pay for that to be replaced. They then checked for the reason why there was diesel in the oil and found that injector #4 had mechanically failed causing excess fuel to enter the cylinder and bypass rings into the sump. They replaced & fitted the injector under warranty but I had to pay for a new gasket

    All up I paid $628. Car now runs great, only difference is a little loss of power and using more fuel when it's cold.

    So it seems possible that the replacement injectors can fail unless my dodgy wiring harness had something to do with it.

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