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Thread: VWwA Used Car Guides : Passat B5 (Type 3B): 1998-2005

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    Question VWwA Used Car Guides : Passat B5 (Type 3B): 1998-2005

    1998-2001 [Type 3B] Passat (Sedan/Wagon) 1.8 20V, 1.8T, 2.8 V6 2.8 V6 with Syncro/4Motion

    2001-2005 [Type 3B] Passat (Sedan/Wagon) 1.8T, 2.3 V5, 2.8 V6 2.8 V6 with 4Motion & W8 with 4Motion

    If you have owned or own one of the models above please state your experience with the Passat negatives and positives .

    Also fill in the below blanks

    Model: Passat
    Engine: 1.8 20V with 92kW
    Year: 1998
    Any Problems ?: tyres fell off
    - Ben

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    - Model: Passat Saloon
    - 1999 (MY00) 3B (Y) series
    - Colour: Black Magic
    - Engine: 1.8T - 110KW, 200NM @ 2000rpm - currently chipped and putting out: anyones guess..
    - Transmission : 5sp Manual
    - Wheels: 16 x 7 Optional

    The Good:

    - Economy (even with the chip/power upgrade)
    - Power - mid range in particular & torque delivery
    - Refinement
    - Roadholding with 225/50 series rubber
    - Features abound for a semi-base model
    - Ride/Handling compromise
    - Reliability (95% of the time)
    - Local distributor HSY Auto Parts provide good pricing and service, plus fast delivery - all genuine factory items.
    - Reasonable factory audio
    - Climate Control works a treat

    The Ugly:

    - $2000 for a new instrument panel - a common failure apparently
    - Expensive MAF replacement
    - Getting the right parts if you own one built near the X-Y chassis changeover
    - Local VW dealer - great service, speedy delivery of bits, they make sure you get what you need, however its the Arm Or Leg pricing which is the sucksorz
    - Some rattles creeping in (albeit after 110,000kms on Aussie roads its sort of expected)
    - Pray that the globes for the air vent open/close illumination don't fail!

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    - Model: Passat
    - 1998
    - Colour: Blue
    - Engine: 1.8T
    - Transmission : 5sp Manual
    - Wheels: 18 x 8.5

    the good
    - looks sexy
    - good for cruising
    - lots of room, good for rootn

    the bad
    - too heavy
    - expensive parts
    - rattles (my rear window regulator's screw or clips r broken)
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    Model: Passat
    Engine: 1.8T (110kw) with 5spd tiptronic
    Year: 1999

    * excellent fuel economy
    * comfy and quiet
    * looks modern for a 99 model car
    * holds value better than a 99 commodore
    * accelerates ok, need a chip
    * lots of luxury options

    * MAF died, replacement wasn't too bad ($270 for refurbished unit from VW)
    * weird clicking in front left brake yet to be indentified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaeton View Post
    Anyone else with more feedback please post
    In 1998 I purchased a 5 speed Tiptronic 2.8 litre V6 Passat.

    Very comfortable and quiet.
    Performance - especially open road cruising

    Everything about it was expensive - servicing, insurance, parts etc.

    There were reliability problems right from the start - a failure to start.
    The problem was that the dealer's service department had fixed ideas about the problem and would not consider my opinion.
    My opinion was that the immobiliser was not completely disengaging.
    The service chiefs insisted it was the injectors.
    The problem persisted past the expiry of the 3 year warranty.
    Because of the ongoing history VW fitted new injectors after expiry of the warranty at their cost.
    After that major refit the problem turned out to be one of the two ignition keys was not programmed correctly and would not disengage the immobiliser.
    The problem must have cost VW thousands of dollars.
    I must say that throughout all of this VW Australia played their part admirably and provided the best possible service.

    When it would start is was a great car - the best I have ever owned.
    I have owned many cars however this was one of only 2 that I was sorry to part with - the other my 1976 HJ Holden 4.2 litre V8 Premier which I kept for 20 years (1976 cost $7000 - sold 1996 $6800 - depreciation wasn't too bad).
    The next phase of my life was commencing - caravanning.
    My 4WD phase has come to an end and shortly I will be seeking to purchase another sedan.
    A new R36 Passat could be on the shortlist but there are also others worth considering.


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