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Thread: Passat B5 engine questions

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    Passat B5 engine questions

    Calling all B5 veterans!

    Okay, so, here's the dilemma.
    I'm not new to vw's (owned a polo 6r and currently drive a mk1 gls) and I know vw like to use parts from other models.

    My wife and I own a 98 v6 Passat that we bought for a steal with reg and rwc for 2k. We love this car. We tinted the window with the tint professor good stuff (not cheap but sure as hell keeps the heat out) car came with a wicked stereo and gtd alloy 17" wheels. The car has somewhat attached it's self to my soul. The engine however has succumbed to a few issues.. it's getting really tired (210k), it leaks oil badly, from the suspected cam tensioner gasket and cam caps at least. Loses about a lire a month :/ the car also has been hard to start and hard to idle when starting it (whether hot or cold) but after holding the rpm at about 2k for 5 seconds, it'll idle fine. The car also hesitates and pops under load. Should I refresh the v6, sell and buy another car, or what I would rather, swap for a 1.8t

    Which brings me to my original question. If I wanted to swap to a 1.8t but retain my auto, what do I need? As far as I'm aware, I need complete engine, engine loom, 1.8t auto ecu and a new rad support?? What else? Should I? Or should I not???

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    If you want a 1.8t, buy a 1.8t Passat.

    As for the running problems, look at things like coolant temperature sensor, air mass sensor, and ignition leads.
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