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Thread: The History of the VW Passat.

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    hi guys i had several passats a long time ago and even raced a 76 2 door at barbagallo back in the early 90s
    the were a great and very underrated will try and dig out some photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkuaso View Post
    No, the G60 engine was only applied to the Corrado. The engine that was unique to the Passat was the 4.0 litre W8.
    It was fitted to the Passat see here
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    Quote Originally Posted by h100vw View Post
    Almost 2 years later I scanned in the German Passat brochure I have with the G60 in. I have the Variant brochure as well but it's not that different that I could be bothered scanning it too.


    The best photos and videos | Photobucket
    Sir, is it possible to give another link for the brochure of Passat syncro g60, because the above does not work to me.

    Thank you very much!

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