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Thread: Electrical Mods for Kamiq

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    Electrical Mods for Kamiq

    So far have done the following on our new Kamiq.
    Rear tails on with DRL

    Module 09
    Leuchte 24SL HRA 69
    Leuchte func C 24 alter to Tagfahrlicht

    Dimming CD 24 change to 5 Press & Hold to set the change

    Leuchte 23SL HLC7
    C23 alter to Tagfahrlicht

    CD 23 change to 5 Press & Hold to set the change

    Leuchte 20BR LA70
    E 20 change to Tagfahrlicht
    EF 20 change to 5 Press & Hold to set the change

    Drl's off with handbrake

    App on OBDEleven

    Dial staging
    Module 17 Dashboard
    Long coding
    Staging change to YES Save change DOESNT WORK On Kamiq

    Dynamic High Beam Assist
    Module 09 Central Electrics
    Fernlicht Assistant
    Expanded High Beam Control
    Change to AFS,FLA,Fernlicht ueber AFS

    Menuesteuerung Fernlichtassistent change to Present
    Menuesteuerung Fernlichtassissent Werkseinstellung Change to Present

    Save Changes.
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