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Thread: Future Global Bestseller ID.4?

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    i would have one ..

    count me in ... is there a release date for OZ for the id3 and 4 ? i also like the skoda Eynaq... mayeb even better that the 1d4 ? i hope that the gov come to the party and encourage Evs rather than discourage ....

    electric Amarok maybe !!

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    Yeah, It having a long future in the industry.
    As it also works on auto pilot mode.

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    I've rented/driven a few Teslas in the US and Australia (including a Model S P90D) - just had my Model 3 deposit refunded the other day too (from when they were in pre-release - too small/tight/uncomfortable). Telsas have awesome performance and automation, but lack the details/feel to back it up - hard touch surfaces, "vegan leather" (aka vinyl) etc.

    My ideal VW would have the looks, comfort and tech of an Arteon, handle like an R36 and have the raw power/torque/throttle response, violent acceleration, "fuel economy" and self driving ability of a Model S with Ludicrous mode. If VW could offer this at a half reasonable price, I'd be very happy.

    Hopefully VW will have something exciting on offer by the time I'm ready to replace the Arteon.

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