An update on my T Cross; it is now two years old with only about 26,000 kms on the clock. It is used to run around the Sunshine Coast with some trips to Brisbane and back. Plenty of tread on the tyres, consistent fuel consumption of around 6 litres per 100km's , and down to 4.5 on highway trips at 110 kmh. Problems? It's had three batteries under warranty, traced to charging rate. Anyway, all good now. Great performer with good acceleration from the three potter which is quiet at speed and will easily boot up for overtaking. I had it ceramic coated when it was purchased and I think that it was well worth it, as it sheds dirt and dust very well. All the systems work well but I turn stop/start off routinely when starting. I quite like lane keeping assist as I feel that it improves your driving by reminding you to keep between the lines. A great all round vehicle. Cheers-John