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Thread: slipping out of gear?

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    slipping out of gear?

    Hello everyone,,In the past few months my Arteon has slipped out of gear four times- always at low speed and oddly, when exiting the same carpark (local woolworths- coincidence I'm sure!)- as I've gone to pull out onto the road, there's been a clunk and free revving, after easing off the accelerator its then appeared to 'locate' a gear and away I go no problem... I will be mentioning it in the imminent 15K service (that arrived fast!) but was curious if anyone else has experienced anything similar...
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    Hi joe77

    Your issue sounds identical to mine, which I posted a thread here;

    Fault - ACC Not Available error message displayed

    I guess as it is a very short occurrence you maybe missed the fault message that appears on the dash. Did you notice a warning "ACC Not Available" appear?

    I'm off to the dealer on Monday week to see what this is all about as there are other members on here with this similar problem then I'll report back.

    Anyway, take a read and lets keep each other all posted.


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