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Thread: OBDeleven - in over my dumb head...

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    OBDeleven - in over my dumb head...

    Hi all,

    Got myself a little OBDeleven dongle thing and have had mostly success doing mild tweaks - Audi mod, enabling overtaking on left, removing nag screen, adding colours to interior lighting palette - but have inadvertently done something dumb and cannot figure out how to undo it:

    The car icon in the centre of the dash screen that comes on as you turn the ignition on / off... it's now a Passat wagon instead of an Arteon. How in God's name did I manage that??? More importantly, how do I reverse it?

    (And yes feel free to pile on for not backing stuff up before flicking random switches all over the place... )

    Any other suggestions for worthwhile mods would be great. There's a lot of info in these pages but wading through them for relevant tips is taking hours - and not all the info I find is actually applicable.
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    @gabbleguy: Hi.

    Yes, it's real easy piling-on gratuitous "gotch-ya" comments about errors made by new-bees, but the truth is that ALL (i.e. everyone one of us) have been there - done that!! So lets just skip the forum power-games and get into solution mode !!

    So -here's the thing about good diagnostic devices like OBD11 and VCDS, they have a memory function that records ALL and every change that you make with the device. OBD11 does stuff a little different - but both devices are ostensibly the same in that they also keep a record of the original coding value that is normally lost because it is over-written with the new coding value.

    This means that you don't need to ask others how to fix this problem - because the actual information that you seek about what changes you made and what was the original setting are stored somewhere. In the case of OBD11, the history database sits in the VOLTAS-IT mother-ship in Lithuania and it's stored against your account. As an aside, for VCDS, the change database sits in the laptop (so different)

    OK - how to access the information, I hear you ask?

    Well it depends on which version OBD11 software you use - I will assume iOS version software in this case. So do this:

    1. Fire-up OBD11 software on your iPhone (no need to connect to the car/dongle)
    2. On the Home screen - Select the Garage tab on the lower left side of the screen
    3. Select the car if you have multiple vehicles registered against your OBD11 account
    4. On the car's information screen - scroll-down the list of options and select History
    5. The next screen contains the change database information AND records about every other action that you have selected with the OBD11 software (including SCANs and Back-up files and lots more)
    6. In order to make it easier to review a particular category of data records (like just the coding change history log), it's possible to filter the information and it's also possible to digitize these records and to send it to yourself via an email account - to do this, follow my visual instructions below:

    After you receive the email attachment - open the contents of the file and look for changes made related to the dash screen and simply revert the setting to the stated "old value"

    Good luck with your learning journey and try to make a few more errors - it's by far the best learning environment

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    Thanks! And thanks for going easy on me... OBDeleven - in over my dumb head...

    There were a couple of other comments here that have since disappeared, not sure why - but one of them showed the probe, vehicle variant. Sorted, I'm now driving An Arteon again.

    Re the history, yep - found that, all good... The only issue was that I'd changed so many things so many times (just to see what they did) that I'd made changes I liked but couldn't remember specifically which changes were which.

    All working properly now and everything is backed up! Thanks again for the guidance!

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