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Thread: Some basic info about our products.

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    Some basic info about our products.

    Hi folks and this is an introduction to my business, which specialises in producing complete DIY Dual Battery Kits, based around our range of Dual Battery Isolators, which we design and manufacture here in Australia.

    I have been producing a number of kits for Amaroks for just over 5 years now and these have not only proven to be very successful and while costing a lot less than other types of DBS, they offer superior performance when compared with other types of systems, including DC/DC setups.

    The primary feature of our isolators is that they allow up to 50% of the cranking battery’s capacity to be use to assist the auxiliary battery to supply power for accessories.

    This single feature gives at least a 50% increase in available battery capacity, without the need to add an additional battery to the system. This means a cost saving, plus space and weight saving.

    The first thing people think when they hear that we use up to half of the cranking battery’s reserve capacity to run accessories, is that you risk not being able to start your motor.

    Our isolators have been operating in this manor for nearly 30 years have not caused a problem with starting a vehicle, even in the coldest climates, like up in Arctic Circle countries, in Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden and so on, where many of our DBS kits are used.

    Another unique feature, which is proving to be a major benefit in new vehicles, is the way our isolators allow the auxiliary battery to back-discharge into the cranking battery when the motor is not running.

    With the way more and more new vehicles are being used for continuos short trips, a problem I call the Shopping Trolley Syndrome, by allowing the cranking battery to be continually topped up while the motor is off, is a major bonus when using one of our isolators.

    The back-discharging feature has been proven to help extend the operating life of the cranking battery by years in many cases. Another cost saving bonus.

    Even if you only use the same amount of battery capacity that you would use if with a single auxiliary battery by itself, while camping. When you hit the road again, because the load has been spread over two batteries, the two batteries will be discharged less than half as much as a single battery would have to be, to supply the same amount of power, the two batteries, being in a higher state of charge, will be recharged in less than two thirds the time it take to recharge a single battery. In other words, less drive time needed to recharge batteries, and this is a big bonus when you are on a holiday, moving from one unpowered campsite to another.

    Anyway this is just a basic introduction to our products and you can read more about them and how the work, on our website at:-

    BTW, I now supply Lead Crystal Batteries and will post up more details about them in the future.

    Regards, Tim.
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