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Thread: Golf R 2022 Orders

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    Golf R 2022 Orders

    Hi All, has anyone placed an order for a golf R 2022 model? I know pricing isnít confirmed yet but I rang a dealer in Brisbane and they have started taking pre orders. They put a few conditions, subject to VW final pricing which should come out in September.

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    I rang and spoke to two dealers this week as I'm interested in placing an order. Both clearly had no idea when VW intend on releasing pricing, the options available or when they would be available. One tried to tell me they were taking deposits as the allocation to each dealer was minimal but couldn't give any further detail which makes me think they are just keeping their own list and holding some cash rather than being guaranteed to secure a vehicle at this point.

    For me, I want lapiz blue with leather and a sun roof, the performance pack and the akrapovic exhaust. Hopefully this is all offered in Aus.

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