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I think we have to try different things. I went to try to change the Time Zone, but it was greyed out (despite Time & Date being changed from Auto to Manual. Next time I started the car the Time Zone was accessible, but it had defaulted to "-12hr International date line west". I changed that to my actual time zone, adjusted the clock. Next time I started the car it had reverted to the -12 hr time zone. Another time I turned on the car it had changed to "Auto" Time & Date!!!
I seem to be getting nowhere. I think VW needs to fix it. It's not a major thing, at all, but I didn't realise how often I look at the clock on my car. I keep thinking it's 1 or 2 hours earlier than it is.
This is definitely a VW problem. And the fact that they don't want to solve it is a question... They will solve it in other models! A friend of mine once failed to notice this malfunction and was late for an appointment as a result...