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Thread: Aus spec Golf 8 GTI missing IQ.Light?

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    Aus spec Golf 8 GTI missing IQ.Light?

    I've recently purchased a Golf mk8 GTI and was disappointed to find that it's missing the IQ.Light feature that Euro and US specs seem to have. It has auto high-beam but not the Matrix LED Headlights.

    I was wondering if I am missing a setting and it does have this? But if I'm right and it doesn't have this feature, is there somewhere that I am able to compare what's missing in the Aus spec GTIs?

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    No Aussie-spec Golfs have IQ.Light. I really wanted it. Perhaps it may come on the R. However, my R-Line and your GTI have "LED Performance headlights", "Light Assist" and "cornering light". I've been amazed how it automatically changes high and low beam. Also the way it lights around the corner when you turn on your indicator. Therefore I'm quite happy our cars have a pretty smart headlight system. It amazes my friends. Anyway, to quote from the Golf brochure:

    LED performance headlights for low and high beam with unique LED daytime driving light signature and automatic self-leveling

    Light Assist provides enhanced comfort and safety on the road by means of automatic high beam control. A camera on the interior mirror observes the traffic above 60 km/h and in complete darkness, Light Assist automatically switches on the high beam headlights. The system detects vehicles travelling ahead, as well as oncoming traffic and automatically dips the headlights before they are dazzled. Automatic alternation between high beam and low beam headlights ensures optimum illumination of the road ahead.
    I am unaware of a comparison of what's missing from Aussie spec Golfs. We do miss a few things, such as Car2X (which is not likely to happen in Australia due to our small population and the cost of the government installing various gear for Car2X in our massive country). On the other hand, there are many, many things in our Golfs that are optional extras in most countries, but included as standard here, e.g. some extra airbags, park assist, rear view camera, Discover Pro, spare tyre, etc.

    When I compared our prices with overseas prices (e.g. UK and Germany), our Golfs are priced much lower, so I think we have much better value here.
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