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Thread: Polo GTI keyless entry.

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    Polo GTI keyless entry.


    Got my Polo GTI 2021 in grey on the weekend. Loving it so far. Just wondering how the keyless entry works. I was expecting it to be similar to my wifes Mazda CX-5, when you walk away from the car it locks.

    Seems like you need to press the button on the handle for the Polo to get it to lock.

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    With the Mazda's, the auto lock while walking away from the car is an option to select in the cars menu. A few years ago my wife had a Mazda 3 SP25 and I remember seeing it in the menu (I never used it as I have a trust issue with those kind of automated features). The default option is to press the little rubber section on the door handle to lock the car.

    With my 2015 Golf GTI I have not seen an option for this in the menu nor on my Carista or VCDS (aftermarket software which allows you to connect to the car and change a bunch of functions and behaviors on the car) but I must admit I have never looked for it. I always touch the outside of the door handle to lock (or press the lock button on the key fob).
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