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Thread: MY19 AW Polo GTI Brake pads

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    MY19 AW Polo GTI Brake pads

    MY19 AW Polo GTI 2.0L 2018-2019 Brake pads

    Guys this will no doubt degenerate into a discussion about the pros and cons of various brake pads.

    However my purpose here is to save others some time and effort looking.

    Pads for our GTI's are pretty hard to find particularly the rears.
    I am only interest in pads that produce low or no dust. ALL pads stop cars.

    So, if your interested in low dust pads this is what I have found, are using and very very happy with the result. The extra plus is they dont wear away the rotors.

    Front:-Bendix Euro+ DB 2383
    Rear:- Bremtec EuroLine BT22340
    (Bendix do not make a rear pad)

    P.S. If anyone want an almost new complete set (front & rear) of OEM pads the the Polo GTI $60, message me.
    The Car: MY20 Black Golf R Final Edition, 5 Door, Driver assistance package, Sun Roof.

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    Cool, that's great info thanks! Was just about to start the search because I am sick of the dust!

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