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Thread: New unused Dimple Magnetic Sump Plug - M14x1.5x16 - The worlds most powerful

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    New unused Dimple Magnetic Sump Plug - M14x1.5x16 - The worlds most powerful

    I ordered this from the UK for the EA888 Gen 3 in my Skoda Superb Sportline (206kw) but unfortunately it doesn't fit.
    Cost me A$60 inc shipping ex UK - my loss your gain asking $40.

    I contacted the UK supplier Motosport Developments who replied as below

    We unfortunately don't have a list of exact vehicles these fit, we list for the following:
    Audi (All Petrol Engines 2010-Present Diesel TDI) I INCORRECTLY ASSUMED THIS INCLUDED EA888 Gen 3
    Fiat 500 Cinquecento
    Honda (All Models)
    Hyundai/ Kia (All Models)
    Mitsubishi (Most Models and Years)
    VW (Most Models)

    Links to Ebay UK supplier listing and US manufacturer



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    The Gen 3 EA888 uses a plastic sump plug with a weird thread and locking mechanism. It also requires a special tool to remove/replace it.

    These Dimple sump plugs are very nice quality (I had one myself on my Subaru) but they are designed for metal sumps with a traditional thread-in sump plug.

    So this should suit Mk5 and Mk6 era VW's, but not the 2013> MQB chassis cars.
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    Thanks for clarifying what this should suit Lucas, I was aware of the plastic sump plug in my car when I ordered it, I got misled by the Audi info on the website.

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    Bump - open to offers

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    Now sold thanks

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