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Thread: 18x7.5" Skoda Octavia RS Gemini Rims (gutter-rashed)

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    18x7.5" Skoda Octavia RS Gemini Rims (gutter-rashed)

    For Sale: 18x7.5" Gemini rims x 3 only.

    Put new Michie PS4 shoes on my Octavia yesterday, on some almost-mint condition rims I purchased a while back.

    I kept the 1 slightly-buckled rim (with worst gutter-rash) as my full-size spare, so offering the remaining 3 non-buckled gutter-rashed rims for individual sale to anyone who wants a full-size spare and doesn't mind the slightly less-than-perfect appearance, considering we all hope to never have to put a spare wheel on anyway!

    No tyres included, exactly as you see here. Choice of A, B or C (labelled top-left of each photos)

    Pickup in Brisbane (Western Suburbs), or buyer can pay for shipping to their location.
    Shipping estimates from $40 to $70 (per rim), depending on your location.

    Looking for $100 per rim.

    NOTE: if anyone is interested in a full-size spare, you need to be aware that these will sit slightly higher than the boot floor level, so there will be a little hump there. The boot cover/mat fits perfectly, but it does sit a little proud. This *MAY* be only because I have a 235 tyre fitted, instead of the factory 225 wide.....
    And if you still use the factory jack/spanner holder thing that sits inside the spare wheel, the foam will need to be trimmed slightly to fit inside the rim neatly, as it's designed to sit snugly inside the space-saver rim which has a larger inner-diameter.

    (Would consider selling the full-set (including the buckled one), for the right money.... but doubt anyone will want a full-set of rashed rims )

    Tried to upload pix but they don't seem to be working.
    Can be viewed here (hopefully) Gemini Rims - Album on Imgur

    Contact me by PM, or email: and I can send photos through there.
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