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Thread: Pedalbox

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    All the electronic pedal controllers are doing is changing the % position of the accelerator pedal. In "sport" mode they ramp the position up faster and eco it will be slower.

    If you drive more spirited off the line all the time then you will use a bit more fuel. It all comes down to how heavy you are with your right foot.

    Because the electronic throttle controllers ramp the pedal position faster (particularly at the start of travel), the car "learns" to be more responsive.

    I had a Sprint Booster in my old Tig and it worked well for off-the line responsiveness, however made modulating the throttle in corners a bit too "touchy" so I'd switch it off on hills runs.
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    Just an update on the Pedalbox, have used it for about 2000km now.

    I've been using the Pedalbox in Sport Plus+0 and DSG in Drive in almost all situations, for me I find it gets the gearbox in the right gear with the appropriate amount of throttle input (ie. not having to compensate with excessive throttle input to induce the DSG programming to get it in the right gear).

    When driving on the country highways, I prefer to run the Pedalbox in Sport Plus+0 with the DSG in Sport. This allows the DSG to select best gear that provides the most urgent acceleration for overtaking without me having provide additional input with the paddles (ie. one more downshift following appropriate throttle input if I had used Pedalbox in Sport Plus+0 and DSG in Drive).

    My wife prefers not to use the Pedalbox at all but didn't complain with it in Eco+0 mode today.
    On the occasions I hop in the car again after my wife has driven (with the Pedalbox turned off) the car feels ridiculously slow and reluctant to respond to throttle input (very doughy).

    Ultimately I love how the car has been transformed (it really is a night and day difference) and would be the best accessory I've gotten for the car by far. Interestingly for me fuel economy hasn't been affected (which for me isn't an issue, I'd happily use a bit more fuel for much better drivability)
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    Thanks for that review looking at getting one myself
    Now the suspension is sorted my only real nag was the long travel i.e doughy accelerator feel which i really dislike
    Like you i am currently using dsg paddles and sports mode to help

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    Quote Originally Posted by veew View Post
    I'm not sure how it would affect warranty however knowing VW I reckon they would use it as an excuse to void any claim on the drivetrain.
    It is made worse by the website stating the product is only to be used for close circuit racing.
    According to unleashed 4x4 it doesn't affect warranty.
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    It takes 2 mins to remove. If Ur concerned, unplug before it goes in for warranty work.
    I can't think of an easier mod. It's plug and play and easily accessible.

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    I coulnd't find an Australian seller selling the new model. Anybody with better luck?
    Australian Ebay store would be even better to take advantage of ebay coupons.
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    If anyone is interested in one of these for the 162KW Tig, I have one for sale in the parts thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajobbins View Post
    If anyone is interested in one of these for the 162KW Tig, I have one for sale in the parts thread
    Why are you selling it after all the "Its marvelous" comments.

    All they need then is 2 Hiclones inline to save 20% fuel consumption. We all know how they went
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly View Post
    Why are you selling it after all the "Its marvelous" comments.
    They are good, and I liked how much it improved throttle response, but I like to drive in quite a 'spirited' way and my wife very much does not. Can turn it off and on but that becomes a pain. I just found I left it off because if I didn't remember to turn it off after every time I drive, my wife would complain.

    I removed it when the car went in for a service last year and just never bothered putting it back in.

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