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Thread: Fault Codes

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    Fault Codes

    Hi members. I have a 2 week old tiguan and used an obdeleven dongle to read the car and got 2 faults. Anyone able to help decipher them?

    5F Information Control Unit

    System description: MU-S--ER
    Software number: 3Q0035840B
    Software version: 0363
    Hardware number: 3Q0035840B
    Hardware version: H30
    Serial number: VWZAZ2T5124670
    ODX name: EV_MUStd4CTSAT
    ODX version: 001022
    Long coding: 02730600FF00000051110001000918001F0106E60120000003

    System description: ABT_HIGH
    Software version: 1031
    Hardware version: H54
    Serial number: VWZ8Z9TGY019MT

    Trouble codes:
    U10C000 - Control module for instrument panel insert on optical data bus No communication
    Date: 2017-06-24 17:49:26
    Mileage: 262 km
    Priority: 6
    Malfunction frequency counter: 1
    Unlearning counter: 100
    Dynamic environmental data: 028678


    19 Gateway
    System description: GW MQB High
    Software number: 3Q0907530C
    Software version: 4286
    Hardware number: 3Q0907530C
    Hardware version: 418
    Serial number: 0006162768
    ODX name: EV_GatewNF
    ODX version: 013020
    Long coding: 0B0100047F085700FA00024A080F0001000105000000000000 0000000000
    System description: J367-BDMHella
    Software version: 9070
    Hardware version: H10
    Serial number: 7789463404
    System description: U13DCAC
    Software version: 0780
    Hardware version: H25
    Serial number: 0014033
    System description: E221__MFL-TAT
    Software version: 0023
    Hardware version: H06
    Serial number: 0811702585500361AO1B
    Long coding: 280000
    Trouble codes:
    B130E00 - Function limitation, pause recommendation
    Date: 2017-06-06 12:13:59
    Mileage: 33 km
    Priority: 6
    Malfunction frequency counter: 3
    Unlearning counter: 75
    Supply voltage, terminal 30: 14.5 V
    Terminal 15: On
    Unknown ambient data:
    1.4 Tsi R-Line Manual (South Africa)

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    Hello did you manage to resolve this issue? I also got three similar faults in 5F, Gateway and kessy

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