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Thread: Dynamic headlight range 2018 Highline

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    Quote Originally Posted by petebalf View Post
    That thread is what I'm talking about. I'm pretty careful so i might wait until next service and see their response.

    MODEL 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan 162TSI DSG 4MOTION Highline Build 12/17.

    I have the cornering headlight ability so I assume its LEDs. I cannot see globes from the front. Also the back of the Headlight unit does not seem to have the openable rubber hatch for globe replacement as shown for halogen globes. There are halogens in the fogs under. I can't take pics of it at moment.
    Gone are they days of grabbing a spare H4 or H7 off the shelf.

    Read post 31 a couple of times ( I had to to understand it all) then read 50 for description of types of head lights Page 2 has where to adjust height with pictures
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    Not sure what happened to my post but I had this same issue too. Both times I said the lights weren’t throwing far enough, sure enough I was right. One was 6 months in so was prolly like that from the factory and one was after being repaired from a small crash.

    You need to ask the workshop for a headlight reaim,
    Not just a plug in calibration as they said they did that to mine and it made no difference

    Book it in for a headlight reaim, I betya they’ll say yep they were too low and adjust it up for you.

    That was a 2017 r line

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    Quote Originally Posted by smarty View Post
    Not sure what happened to my post ...
    FYI - my posts get deleted if I try to edit a post using a mobile browser. I need to switch to desktop view first.

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