I have a 2016 VW Passat Sedan Comfortline. Recently I ran over some debris on a 100km road, that entered under the front bumper by the front passenger wheel. There is a rubber flap (looks aerodynamic related - possibly related to the the undercar airflow?)

It's about 15-20cm wide and maybe 5-6cm in height and connects to the wheelwell - directly behind the front foglight.

I assume that I can drive without it, but also assume that this would be a very cheap part to get replaced?

I'm just looking for the name of the part - I've looked through VW Parts and havent been able to find it.

It can also be seen if looking directly at the car from the front, and it appears as rubber slats under the front bumper at both sides of the car, directly in front of the wheels.

(I'll dig out a photo tomorrow - but just in case anyone, knows the part name in the interim - that would be great)...