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Thread: OSRAM LED sequential dynamic mirror indicators

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    OSRAM LED sequential dynamic mirror indicators

    Thanks to @nermal for bringing this to my attention in the Arteon section of the forum! Sequential side indicators (

    I thought I'd post my findings here in the Passat B8 section too.

    There are many cheap options on aliexpress which may or may not be good quality for $20-30 delivered, but given that these are exposed to the elements and UV, I was happy to spend a bit extra and order the OSRAM version for $120 delivered via Amazon:

    OSRAM LEDDMI 3G0 WT S LEDriving Dynamic LED Mirror Indicator - White Edition, Set of 2 : Home

    Installation took about half an hour thanks to nermal's tips. There are plenty of installation videos out there on youtube which I found useful.

    re:blink - VW Passat B8 - Running / dynamic / floating mirror turn light indicator installation - YouTube

    I also purchased some suction cups to make the job of removing the mirror glass even easier as per the above video:

    2PCS Mini Dent Puller Car Bodywork Panel Suction Cup Repair Fix Removal Tool | eBay

    The build quality of the OSRAM item is excellent - truly OEM quality or better. Perfect fitment, plug and play.

    I never noticed how dim the original items were until I compared them back to back with the OSRAM replacements.

    Below is a short video showing the difference in brightness and the dynamic scrolling effect (excuse the grotty car):

    Passat B8 OSRAM dynamic LED indicators before and after - YouTube

    And some photos:

    OEM vs OSRAM

    Original brightness:

    OSRAM brightness:

    OEM quality fitment:

    Comparison (original on driver's side and OSRAM installed on passenger side) - you can see how the intensity of the OSRAM mirror LED is a very good match for the front headlight indicator sections, whilst the original mirror LED is significantly dimmer in comparison:

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