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Thread: Dynoaudio retrofit vs aftermarket

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    Dynoaudio retrofit vs aftermarket

    I’ll start with giving you the details of what I have.

    2018 Passat Wagon R-line.
    MIB 2 9.2inch screen with hardware 5NA 035 04583

    I’ll also apologise for any dumb questions in advance, I’m a total noob to the Euro lux vehicles. And I’ve done as much research as I can but haven’t been able to find the answers I’m looking for.

    I want to upgrade the audio. I was keen on the Dynaudio system, but learnt that it wasn’t technically available in Aus and therefore wasn’t installed in this car when I bought it.

    I have looked at a listing on AliExpress of a complete Dynaudio system.

    For Passat B8/B8.5 2016 2020 Dynaudio Speakers Set (4 Tweeter/4 Woofer/2 Alto/1 Center/1 Subwoofer/1 Amplifier) With Wires|Speakers Sets| - AliExpress

    Question is, is this particular package able to work with my existing hardware? After ODIS and long coding? Has anyone had experience with this package or heard anything about it?

    It also looks to be complete (wiring etc) but I’m happy to do custom wiring if I have to.

    Then as a follow up, if this isn’t an option and I’ll have to go aftermarket, can I still use the sub and just run the signal wires to it?

    And, if I want to run it as a 12 speaker 5.1 channel system, what would be the best amp/dsp to use? I’ve been recommended the helix 12 channel, but considering it’s like 3k by itself, I’m not super keen on going this route.

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    The Dyanaudio amplifier has Component Protection. This needs to be handled with dealer tools (ODIS) online.
    Other than that yes it will work once it's correctly configured (coding and adaptations).
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