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Thread: DIY: modifying the front headrest of a 2018 Passat so it can be fully lowered

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    DIY: modifying the front headrest of a 2018 Passat so it can be fully lowered

    The first thing my partner said when she sat in the passenger seat of my newly arrived 2018 Passat (132 TSI) was: "How do you adjust the headrest?" She's 5'5" (165cm) and the headrest was too high. So, out came the manual. I swaggered around to her side of the car, full of confidence. Ten minutes later, after wiggling and manhandling the thing, I gave up. The lowest part of the headrest was still 50mm above the top of backrest.

    "I'll have a look tomorrow."

    The next day I was able to remove the headrest, but it would not go all the way down. I discovered why it's been designed that way. I spent the afternoon working out how to modify it, and last night I wrote the instructions. They can be downloaded here.

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    Great write up

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    Good idea but i would question the legality of altering any part of what is considered safety equipment.
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