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Thread: Worn leather seats 125TDI Wagon 2011

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    Worn leather seats 125TDI Wagon 2011

    Hi all

    Got a Passat 125 TDI Highline Wagon B7 variant with heated leather seats. The car has done 110,000 kms and is fantastic except the foam in the seats feels like we are sitting on the ground. The leather is still in very good condition. We are planning a long trip in December and the idea of sitting on a rock hard seat for 10+ hours is making my back sore before I start. We plan to hand over the car to my daughter at some stage so I don't think replacing them is warranted unless just the base can be done? Otherwise I assume they can't be reconditioned - new foam or something? Otherwise cushion inserts is probably the cheapest option?

    Any suggestions?


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    You can check seat price on wreckers...maybe is not so expensive. I wonder if you can fit rline passat seats...that would be really nice.
    For reconditioned seats cost, hard to says...maybe someone else can help.

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    Try an upholsterer We have just had some chairs recovered and firmer foam put in and the difference is remarkable.

    A place that rebuilds old cars may have some ideas as they replace the upholstery and the seats
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    It could be the foam inserts on your seat or springs and/or brackets on the underside of the seat.
    Best option is to seek the advice from an auto upholsterer as they will be able to inspect and inform you what course of action to take.

    Having the foam seat cushion replace is a simple process as the leather seat cover is just that, seat covers which come off over the seat frame.
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