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Thread: Spare days = sound deadening

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    Spare days = sound deadening

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share some thoughts and photos of my boot sound deadening project. Happy to answer some questions or take additonal photos to assist other like minded people looking to do this as i've learnt quite a lot about clip locations and removal order over the last few days which may save hours and clip break stress.

    Quick disclaimer, I am by no means a car or audio expert. Have worked on my own car stereos over the years and have an electrical background.

    Car is a 2011 highline wagon. Main reasons for doing this were - plenty of free time on my hands due to covid, a more noisy interior then I'd like when highway cruising and plans for stereo install in the future.

    First step was removing the panels. Photos 1,2 and 3 show the panels removed. Without knowing the order of how to do this and where any of the clips were, I'd say it took about 12 hours. Probably a lot longer then some but hey no broken clips, panels or injuries. Not going into too much fine detail but I should have started at the seats then moved towards the back not the other way round. I'd say the worst bit was realising that removing the rear side airbags (Was a bit worried they would go off) was not so bad and gave access to the most painful clips.

    Second step was removing the old sound deadening. Photos 4,5 and 6 are without the deadening. All up pretty quick maybe 2 hours max. Found that using some orange spray with a decent soak time loosened it up nicely. Scrapped it off with a wide plastic scraper then a cloth to rub of the excess glue.

    Third step was to remove all the wiring from the body panels and identify what holes aren't needed. Mainly did this to make install of the deadener easier and quicker. This was probably more time consuming then it needed to be, about 3 hours. Lots of brittle cable clips and tape used made it fiddley to get the wires loose without damage.

    Next step will be in a coming post as I'm waiting for the deadening to arrive. Will take some photos of the other prep I'm planning (hanging the wires up out of the way) before I start the deadening.

    Also if anyone has recommendations of things to replace whilst the interior is out please let me know. Spare days = sound deadening-20200411_184052-jpgSpare days = sound deadening-20200411_184055-jpgSpare days = sound deadening-20200411_184141-jpgSpare days = sound deadening-20200413_150545-jpgSpare days = sound deadening-20200413_150551-jpgSpare days = sound deadening-20200413_150614-jpg

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    Nice battery, I have the same.

    I have a B6 passat so yours is likely the same. I recently drove a bit with the fuel pump plastic panel off. That led to a lot of extra road noise as well as air coming in. You may want to put in some sound proofing there as well.
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