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Thread: R36 Low milage Noise on startup

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    R36 Low milage Noise on startup

    Hi everyone, im looking at buying my first r36. Its a low KM car buying site unseen with a pre inspection report done by a mechanic. He is concerned at the noise below, keeping in mind its a 105000 km car, which had been driven 30 mins to a hour before and the noise lasted up to 5 mins.

    Other than this he found the following error codes, as im not an expert on these cars, id love to hear your opinions/if these are an issue.

    01299 - Incorrect imobiliser key
    17086 - Transmission control module electrical malfunction
    02394 - Park light left front
    023945 - Park light right front
    00978 - Lamp for low beam left
    00979 - Lamp for low beam right
    02861 - Electronic steering column check sum error - Sporadic
    00750 - Warnimng lamp
    001134 - Alarm horn

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah sounds like it needs chains and guides done.
    Would like to see measuring blocks to confirm.
    The other faults need to know if they are static or intermittent.
    But steering column lock need to replace that or it will leave you unable to drive.
    Alarm horn likely battery has failed and leaked onto the board. Not a big deal can disable it in coding.
    Incorrect immobilizer key is related to the steering column lock. See above.
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    Sad sad days.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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