Hi everyone, Im looking at buying my first r36, out of area with a mechanic that has done a inspection and report prior to me seeing the vehicle.

One of his concerns was this noise on start up - noting that its a 100ish km car, not completely cold start (ran 30mins to a hour before) and lasted for around 3-5 minutes.

Other codes were 01299 - Incorrect imobiliser key17086 - Transmission control module electrical malfunction
02394 - Park light left front
023945 - Park light right front
00978 - Lamp for low beam left
00979 - Lamp for low beam right
02861 - Electronic steering column check sum error - Sporadic
00750 - Warnimng lamp
001134 - Alarm horn

I'm no expert on these and would love a little advice!

Thanks in advance!