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Thread: My B6 4motion Wagon

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    My B6 4motion Wagon

    Guess I should introduce myself and my baby.
    Here's my baby:
    07 Passat 3.6 4motion Wagon.
    Bought it Nov 2021 from original owner with 107,000 km's on her. Shipped it across Canada (Quebec to Vancouver) and started enjoying it.
    Since then I've swapped in a DQ250, completely rebuilt both subframes, suspension, etc. Replaced every single bushing in the suspension with poly's, upgraded sway bars, upgraded brakes, blasted and restored rear suspension members, full SS exhaust front to back, CC leather front seats, Airlift 3H suspension, and a wrap. The car was originally plain black (forgot the code but it wasn't the metallic black) but the car had a corrosion warranty respray done very poorly. Sanded the entire car down with 800g to smooth out the 80g DA swirlies and dry-spray. Once that was done I did a quick coarse cut polish to bring some surface back and had the car wrapped. She's straight as an arrow.

    Found a set of Votex skirts, replaced the upper and lower grilles, R36 taillights, HID projector fogs, ECU tune, Dynaudio retrofit, and a whole bunch of goodies. I can't even guess how many hours I've put into this car.
    Had both subframes out, full fluid service front to back, etc.
    The payoff:
    My B6 4motion Wagon-20240218_175325-jpg

    My B6 4motion Wagon-20240218_174637-jpg

    Unfortunately I'm selling this car later on this year as I've found another one that has been painstakingly turned into an R36, but needs a ton of electrical work... ie: finish the BCM retrofit that wasn't completed, but that'll be another month until I get it, and this one will be driven until I get the other one done and back on the road.

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    Hi Helimike,

    That's quite a completion list, looks brilliant, best of luck with the next one. What are the rims on the current ride, Audi?

    R36 Wagon MY2010.5: Biscay Blue| Dynaudio and Nav| RVC| VW tow bar|
    Mod highlights:
    ECU and DSG Tune| 3AA CCM and 7N0 Gateway| 3D colour MFD| MIB2 retrofit and 7N0 RVC| Quad LED tail, brake and indicator rings| Zimmermann Sportbrake rotors, composite pads| TPMS High| 2Q0 Blind Spot and RCTA| B8 rearview mirror|

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    They're the "standard" wheels for Mk3 TT-RS if I remember correctly. 19x9 et52, 20mm rear spacers and 10mm front, 235/35/19's all around. Long stud conversion and Racingline lugnuts. I don't think you could squeeze a wider wheel under the front. I have about 2mm clearance on the strut body and almost nothing left at the front arches, even with the not-stupidly-stretched 235's.

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