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Thread: B7 18" tyre sizes

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    B7 18" tyre sizes

    So the OEM fitment is 234/40 on the standard 18 inch rim.
    Anyone know if we can run 245/35 or 245/40 without running into any tyre/guard contact issues?

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    245/35 will put speedo slightly further out
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    Noting what Hillbilly said, I'd add, for clearance probably all good, depending on the spec of your current suspension. Lower profile and wider will change the ride characteristics, you may also notice some extra tyre noise.

    Have a look at one of these calculators, plenty around on-line, also plenty written in the B6 and B7 forum on tyre and rim upgrades. I'd also check the new tyre rating meets or exceeds the tyre placard on your car.

    Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets -
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